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Summer Season's Extreme Heat Is Bearable With only Natural Cotton fabric. It is only ultimate solution for India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka And Other South Asian Countries heat. It is most Convenient and Comfortable because of its soft & Smooth feel with Lightweight properties. Specially Tunic / Shirt type Top is perfect fit for every age group’s women. Get our designer collection of various patterns and models with different type of styles simple and western tops of your choice and enjoy this summer with full of convenience and comfort.

Summer kurti designs -

No one can deny the fact that Indian women love to wear printed cotton kurtis compared to other ethnic wear and it has been long since cotton has become an essential part of Indian fashion because of the climate of country. The kurti cotton is a regular wear especially in summer. The cotton tunic is best as it is comforting and cooling in summers. Summer tunic tops are available in both readymade and unstitched format. One can have a range of linen tops depending on their comfort and choice. They can also get it stitched in different styles like white cotton tunic or Pakistani kurtis. Cotton kurti neck patterns also add class to the very original and very homely kameezs. Why cotton kurtas for women are very famous summer tops for women? The reasons are so many

These cotton kurti neck patterns are highly accepted by females in India. The summer tunic comes with refined art work, crisp material and bright colors, whereas traditional and straightforward cotton kurti tops are cheap and fashionable for daily use. Pakistani Cotton Kurtis with zari and resham art works offer tunic an exciting look. Designs of kurtis in cotton material are straightforward to scrub and blend well to suit any vogue. The short cotton kurtis are considered as best wear for college and workplace. It is not too harsh on skin in contrast to a mixture of artificial materials that offer your body a rash. As soon the summer starts approaching in India, every modern women hate being draped in sarees and salwar with dupatta. They prefer cool cotton kurti tops which provide sweat free body throughout the day

Latest cotton kurti designs are available in digital printing with variety of neck style and this type of cotton printed kurtis are loved by college girls because of the pairing they want with various color jeans or legging. The pairing becomes very easy on this style.

In many part of India sarees and salwar have been designed with hand block print. Following the same method simple cotton kurti designs are manufactured using the hand block. This type of cotton anarkali kurtis are very popular among today’s fashionables and the cotton anarkali kurtis online shopping is a smart way to choose the master piece.

This cotton long kurtis are the most selling dress in cotton kurtis wholesale however it comes only in two color white and off white with various kind of light embroidery work but then again the important point worth noting is that it is a very popular ladies cotton kurtis.

The floral work cotton tops are the best dress for summer because the natural appearance you get from this kurti will be very well suited in hot and humid conditions.



It is the most widely used natural fibre that originates from the seed of the cotton plant. It has been cultivated for several thousands of years and due to the advent of modern technology there has been a substantial increase in popularity as it enables cotton to be blended with other fibres which marvellously enhance its performance. It can be woven or knot into cloth. Generally the following types of weaves are most popularly used: - 1. Plain 2. Twill 3. Satin.

Why do people choose cotton?

Cotton fabric is popular since it is very easy to care and one feels relaxed year-round. During the summer season when the heat is on and it gets too humid cotton breathes. When the body sweats, cotton absorbs the moisture and after that the same is released on the surface of the fabric, so that it evaporates.
Cotton is considerably easy to clean; that it can be laundered or dry-cleaned. One big disadvantage of cotton is that it wrinkles easily and is vulnerable to contraction; however, blending cotton with other fibers and good finishing helps overcome both of these but this reduces the breathability of the fabric.

Types of Cotton Fabrics:-

1.    Voile - A Shining, lightweight, fabric that has little amount of crisp. It is mainly used to make blouses, lingerie and nightgowns.

2.    Satin - A fabric made with satin weave which results in the cloth being lustrous and also having a smooth feel. It’s used to make sheets dresses and household décor.

3.    Lawn – A thin and moderately sheer fabric having high thread count fibres. It has a variety of uses such as dresses, handkerchiefs and blouse. Originally lawn was made from linen but now the lawn made of cotton is so popular that whenever the word lawn is used by default cotton lawn comes to the mind of people.

4.    Velvet - It is a closely woven fabric with a thick and swish pile which adds softness to suits, dresses and even evening wear. Some people believe that velvet is a separate fabric however it is basically a weave based on the theory of double cloth.

5.    Denim – A strong heavy twill cotton fabric. It is popularly known as jeans and it is now the youth’s heartthrob. Nowadays it is blended with lycra to give a more stretchable and comfortable fabric.

6.    Terrycloth- It is a fabric with loops which enables it to absorb large amounts of water. It can be manufactured by weaving or knitting.

There are two types of terry cloth:
Terry Towel is a fabric with long loops facilitate in the absorption of large amounts of water. Normally it is made of 100% cotton but sometimes it may contain certain percentage of polyester. It is made on the theory of double cloth in weaving.

French Terry is a generally used in clothing. It is either 100% cotton or contains polyester with lycra. It is often warp knitted,

7.    Cambric – It is one of the finest kinds of cloth. It is a lightweight plain woven fabric, originally. Initially it was made of linen; later, the term came to be applied to cotton fabrics as well.

8.    Light-weight cotton poplin – It is generally of almost the same weight as cambric but the feel is more coarse than cambric due to its weave.

On our website you will find gorgeous and beautiful gowns, kurtis and dresses made with the premium and finest quality of cotton.

No matter what changes take place in fashion industries, But the stylish cotton kurtis will be popular and that’s for sure. The reasons are so many likewise in today’s web, friendly young generation desperate to grab cheap cotton kurtis online and they have many option available to choose and is the best among all of web stores.


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