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In Vedic era bridal wear sari is specially weaved by bride’s family and that shows the importance of sari in our culture. Indian marriages are incomplete without wedding sari blouse even if modern girl choose gown or lahengha choli as bridal dress but they have to wear sari in one of the occasion because especially in all Indian communities marriage functions start from 3 day before an end with last reception after the traditional customs is over. As a reason Bride has to select few outfits for different functions because she needs to change her bridal dresses for different functions. Let’s examine how different communities use sari in various wedding customs and the variety of wedding wear sari types in different region 

Why the wedding saree blouse designs are most demanding bridal wear other than gown and lahengha choli in India? There are many reasons behind it.

In recent days the designs of wedding dress for bridesmaid is also sari other than salwar kameez because the sari enhance the beauty of the bride’s family as well as the friend.

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