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Let us start with whole chain of manufacturing & distributing / selling of textile products including material, semi stitched and ready-made (ready to wear) stuff.

To get full idea of the topic we should also know few facts and figures along with locations and specialty of products by locations.

Indian textile industries are spread around the country from east to west and north to south like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Daman And Silva’s, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Utter Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Odessa And Even In Jammu And Kashmir. Textile sector is lifeline industry after agriculture in India.

Textile sector has share of around 11% to industrial production, 14% stake in our manufacturing, 4% contribution in GDP and earning major foreign revenues for country12% of total exports. Creating employment to more than 35 million labors has secured 2nd rank after agriculture, 55 million people are engaged in textile activities, also plays vital role to strengthen Indian economy to by fulfilling requirements of all type of textile products locally hence import bills are reduced.

We can describe entire chain of manufacturing and distributing of textile products as bellow:

Spinning and Texturising -> weaving / knitting -> bleaching, dying and printing

Manufacture -> wholesaler -> traders / distributors -> agents -> semi wholesaler -> retailer -> actual buyer consumer / user
(Many small intermediate processes and mediators are not considered in both chains)

Weaving and knitting industries are considered as a heart of manufacturing chain but those are decentralized and almost small-scaled. Due to Policies of Central and State Government Indian, market of textile & apparel has crossed 100 billion us$.
Now let us come to the point of various verities of raw materials to produce textile products. There are two types of raw materials consumed to produce various products.

Cotton, bamboo pulp (bamboo yarn), banana pulp (bane yarn), wood pulp (viscose yarn), silk (animal insects protein) flax fiber, wool, jute yarn etc. Falls in category of natural raw material

Various type of nylon yarn (raw material of fabric) produced from caprolactam (caprice acid), acrylic fibers (vinyl acetate) and polyester & cationic yarns are made from petroleum product (ethylene alcohol). There are many pre and post process to produce synthetic product (mane made yarn), which gives various effects, looks and feels for comfort. This process is called spinning and Texturizing process.

India is the largest producer and of the jute goods, 2nd largest in silk, cotton and cellulosic production, fourth in man-made fibers and 6th clean wool producer.
Now we will try to understand our main topic.

To know the basic of online wholesale, first of all one should know the real meaning of wholesaler, it simply means that a person or company who buys various products in bulk directly from the manufacture and sell it to the retailers or other small-scale industries is called a wholesaler. About 10 years back In India nobody had ever imagined term like online wholesale but as soon our retail e-commerce industry has started growing up, the roots of the online marketing have begun to grow automatically.
In today’s Indian online industry, Bulk quantity Producer can sell their product to retailers without seeing or meeting each other in person and the Internet connectivity has made that thing possible. For example, a porter or a dressmaker of any small village of Bengal can sell their stuff to Gujarat’s retailer with the help of many online portals. In recent time this term is not limited up to India anymore it has smartly crossed the all borders and became the global now. we will discuss on that point to understand it has reached Global level.
However, one might get confused with similar kind of terms like wholesalers, distributors, authorized dealers or importer and exporters but there is a vast difference between these terms. Below we will try and understand these terms one by one:
Distributors: Distributors term sounds similar for us but in real they only deal in distributing various type of blouse design, Kurti neck design and Lehenga blouse design catalogues. Mainly they work with wholesalers and manufacture both in most cases. Distributor is a physical link between wholesalers and ladies clothes showrooms or the manufacturing house and small ladies clothes stores. Distributor’s main role is to distribute the saree blouse design catalogue at the right place as per the demand.
Authorized dealers: Normally they run their own showrooms under the company’s name; they showcase the best Churidar neck design catalogue pieces and Ghaghara Choli blouse design catalogue models to their customers but the in-built rate is already added in overall cost of the Indian saree blouse design catalogue.
Importers and exporters: Pilot work of the importer and exporter is to import and export the different style of ladies outfits from India Pakistan and Bangladesh. These three countries generally share their saree blouse, Patiala salwar kameez design with each other to cater each country’s fashionable ladies. Indian Chudidar, Pakistani kurti design catalogue and many other outfits are very popular in Bangladesh and even the Indian and Pakistani females use various attires so the demand of the catalogues is very high. In current situation they import and export across the world because Asian ladies wear these  designs in foreign counties also like United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Bahrain etc.

In ladies fashion markets you have to understand the chain first before you move on. The first role in this process starts with producer who produces raw fabric material in yarn and then supply it to the manufacturer as per the order after that Manufacturer crafts specific type of ladies outfits according to the wholesaler’s demand and after that the wholesalers buy it in the bulk and supply it to the various retailers and finally we buy that product from the retail shop or any other online retail website.
There are many tasks that are being performed by wholesalers and after that the bunch of products will be delivered to the retailers.

Here the term assembling act as to get the product into final form like in saree blouse they have to separate the saree models and blouse models by cutting it from the long fabric piece like Indian saree draping generally requires 6M long fabric and same way for preparing craft simple salwar kameez, 2 m long dress material is used by the dress maker.
Bulk–breaking of: In this process they simple break the bulk of various ladies attires to satisfy the retailers demand, because wholesalers purchase the products from manufacturer in Bulk.

In this term, ladies attires are arranged by the in house staff according to the various sizes to format into saree or dress material catalogs.
Grading and packing:
According the quality of products, it will be graded and packed by the support staff.

Once the grading and packing process is done, all the various outfits for example in blouse patterns like net blouse, neck-back blouse  have been stored separately with suitable sari’s catalogue. Same way in latest salwar kameez design catalog’s Punjabi neck designs, Patiala salwar-kameez have been piled up separately for delivery.

Normally many experienced retailers gauge the ethnic trend by their own because they have been in business for long time. But being a wholesaler one has to be very watchful on frequently changing ethnic mode. Because for any new player who just wants to start the new retailing shop, wholesaler has to provide enough information to new born retailer regarding particular wholesale dresses that which catalog of salwar dresses will be in mod for upcoming festival season? Or for example If the wedding season will be falling in few days than to spread the right information on Sarees catalog, Lehengha choli catalog or bridal dresses catalog is necessary. This is the effective way to guide the new retailer because the person who is in the process of opening new store might not aware of all this details than in hot summer the kurtis catalogs or cotton Patiala catalog will be in high demand.

To providing effective transportation options to their retailer is one of the essential works to do for any Bulk Producer otherwise the overall product cost will go up drastically  because of the high-rate of transport. Moreover, required wholesale catalogue suit will be reach in time to fulfill the need of the suitable season.

Manufacturer of ladies dresses buy raw material from yarn industries and then in manufacturing unit that raw fabrics pass through various processes like dying, printing and other various embellishments as per the wholesaler’s demand. Basically, manufacturers produce ongoing designs on regular basis (Ongoing designs means, casual saree blouse, simple inner wears catalogue) in unit. But for special design wholesaler has to wait for certain time to get the final product at the warehouse.

In past the ladies wholesale clothing was held at one point in large auction market where wholesalers had to bid because the sari blouse rates were not fixed by manufacturer and that’s why In the wholesale sari, kurta, dresses actual rates have experienced three main difficulties.
First, the actual biding price wasn’t reflected as actual transaction price because products like Indian salwar kameez, many brokers in Sarees wholesale market at Surat, Bombay, Banaras or Delhi or Calcutta often flapped saree.
Second big problem in those days on wholesale saree market in Surat was the rate, it was often negotiated by customer-to-customer basis  and that’s why sometimes it went way up that was resulted In overstocking of  old patterns Sarees and blouse design.
The major problem was Price Variation, the wholesale rates were not declared publicly by manufacturing unit in any kind of ladies attires. In other word, we can say it was varying from customer to customer.
Due to the above three problems In past the wholesale prize  characteristic was very hard to maintain for wholesalers and that’s why every time retailer purchase any kind of  cotton salwar hand design catalogue or any other fabrics in kurti design. He had to pay the different cost most of the time.
In current wholesale market, the e-commerce websites have played the big role to run the market in proper manner because many wholesale websites have opened the gates for small and big retailers to contact them via Internet, Even the wholesaler directly can contact to any manufacturing unit via Internet to know the real price. This Internet wholesale market is welcoming each and every small retailer not only from India but also from anywhere in the world. In addition to that, it is wide open for all  for 24 hours. It is totally different than the previous Volume market .This is considered as very beneficial for retailers and for customer as well.

Indian woman’s love for ethnic-wear never dies. Although they have been moving to western ready made clothes nowadays but the craze for blouse-saree, kurti and salwar kameez remains as it is and that encourages our Indian manufacturer to make more and more sari blouse design catalogues. Today in India there are many small and big markets present at the moment, go through 5 biggest wholesale saree market that provide opportunity to wholesale saree online purchase.

Mahatma Jyotiba Phule mundi: formerly known as Crawford market ?This wholesale market has been dealing in all sorts of ladies attires since 1905; it was designed by British architect William Emerson for wholesale supply .You can buy semi stitched dresses, printed fabrics, delicate embroidery pattern of Kutch and patoda from Gujarat at wholesale rate. Mangldas market which is situated inside the Crawford only dealing in different types of fabrics for wholesalers.

Gandhi market of Delhi: For North zone India retailers this market is the best place to collect various types of cotton saree catalogues, linen kurti’s collections and pure-cotton’s Punjabi salwar kameez.
Chandani chowk wholesale bazaar of Delhi: This area of Delhi is also a well-known place for buying various ready made ladies catalogues like Patiala salwar kameez, kurti design. Moreover, inside chandni chowk the name called Kinnari baazar is the best place to by various zari work blouse catalogue, stylish sarees with border and lace work in Bulk.

Wholesale market of Surat for Saree Blouse, Chanya Choli, Ghaghra Lengha and bollywood replica: This is India’s biggest textile market for any type of ladies dress material and saree-blouse design of collection-catalogue. This is like a heaven of the ethnic mode for all the designers and dressmaker. Once you demand any particular piece of fabric and it will be in front of you within second because the stock of the different saree-blouse pattern is always there. You can also buy sari from many wholesale saree shops in Surat .Sarees wholesale rate is unbeatable compared to the other market In India.

Chennai’s Erode market for buying wholesale south Indian saree: India’s south part has got its own kind of hand-made techniques to pattern various saree-blouse designs with using different types of fabric. One can simply differentiate south Indian saree catalogues among the other type of Sarees catalogues. This is the main platform to buy best hand woven south-Indian saris and dresses in bulk. South zone retailers mainly select catalogues design from here. Even other states wholesalers also come here to choose the best Banarasi silk Sarees catalogues and other types also. Here you see the products from different other states like Kerala, Andhra Pradesh.

Chikpete Bangalore: This is another famous wholesale market of south zone. This place equipped with different color of fabric in saree blouse design.

Impact of Online wholesale: Despite the fact that India is still in developing mode in terms of Internet connectivity, the online wholesale has started showing up solid impact on markets because the scene of dealing is totally changed. Campaign like Digital India and make In India boost e-wholesale trend  in surprising manner because in present time it is very easy for any wholesaler to link up with retailer or manufacturer and negotiate the prize as per the market rate and that thing helps everyone including  wholesalers, retailers and manufacture to set their price accordingly. Because the other mediators are removed automatically and the transaction is processed between buyer to buyer that simply means that no additional cost will be applied on the actual price so online customer set the direct advantage of It even. The physical show room of sari-blouse  can cut the price to attract the customers. The other major Impact the online wholesale has made that it provides the luxury for retail shop to showcase the different pattern of salwar kameez catalogue from all different parts of India so now The retailer can attract their customers by giving them multiple choices and this thing made ladies dress shopping more interesting for all buyer in current scenario.

Fashion is a kind of platform that runs by the trend and as we all know that our ethnic trend cannot stay stable up to long time. Expert retailers choose glamorous catalogues of Sarees and salwar kameez with the hope that customers will agree with her that particular kurtis or Patiala boutique will be best suited on them. In today’s fashion world, it becomes necessary for retailers to create such ethnic wardrobe that consists all types of saree models, kurti tunics, salwar suits Because customer simply demand for that. Yet the online wholesale is still mystery for old  retailers so these are some benefits that we are exposing here to resolve the  any query in your mind.

Low price: To start with the biggest advantage, it is very straight forward that like any other business, purchasing a sari or salwar-suits in Bulk will be easier for retailer’s budget because of supply and demand. Here in Indian fashion industry the basic rules remain unchanged like any other business. When any particular sari patterns are rare than price will go up automatically because of the less availability and in opposite manner when the supply of different saree models are more by the wholesaler the price will automatically go down and this is the basic rules of economics. Now due the awesome connectivity of Internet in India the supply flow of ethnic ladies clothes will be constant for all retailers from all part of India and this is the main advantage of online dealing.

Quality: This is again as simple as any other business that when retailer has limited saree catalogues to choose any from physical market he might not think about quality of sari while purchasing whereas here In Internet world there are so many wholesaler who offer similar kurtis catalogues with different price and different qualities and Retailer can define the best out of It.

Originality: To get away from any piracy in fashion industry, this is the best way because in past many designs were copied from the original Idea but in today’s fashion world, this task in India is next to impossible because everything is in front of retailer like wholesale price, design and the quality. If any Manufacture has produced, replica Sarees or kurtis of B-town celeb’s style than He has to clearly mention full detail in the catalogue-promotion. Hence, the pirating of sari-blouse designs or kurti designs is completely out of the equation In Indian-fashion market.

Quantity: Due to competitive rate of bulk-buying sari-blouse and kurti, Bulk-buyers can purchase wide range of products  by spending same amount of money.

Choice: Now the entire collections are open up for small buyers as well as for the big buyers, In previous time retailers didn’t get the opportunity to see the overall collections of catalogues in any ethnic apparels But Now Any manufacturer has to promote the entire products to stay active in business and web wholesaling also forces all manufacturers to show off the full range of products for retailers.

Style: To stay on top, now all the manufactures try to be up-to-date with latest trends and replace the old pattern at right time. So, retailers can offer many styles to their customer in competitive price rate.

Comfort: Retailers cannot get better feeling than this because this hassle free Internet bulk buying has made things very easy for them now they just need to operate the cell-phone or laptop while sitting on comfort chair and order catalogues for the stores.

Future of E-wares in Upcoming year: As we all know that different communities of Indian and Pakistan including Bangladesh have been staying in every corner of the world in all countries and NRI-Retailers have opened the traditional clothes stores in many countries because all the females from subcontinent like wearing ethnic dresses on different occasion. Previously it was hard for them to buy the latest ethnic outfit for various reason but now they can order job lot via online. This is just a beginning but Designers and you promises to deliver Indian traditional dresses to all small and big cities’ retailers in the countries like United-Kingdom, United-states, Canada, and NewZealand Australia and Many more.

Common people can now buy any product at very best rate in online shopping as well as from the physical store. Ladies in India and also in abroad can now get the opportunity to wear newly arrived clothes at anywhere in India and across the world.

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