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  • History of casual wears:

Modest has had diverse definitions after some time and in distinctive districts and groups. It was not generally about covering your face and body and in numerous regards, India’s hot atmosphere drove the way. Individuals simply did what was helpful. In any case, the provincial varieties are fascinating. In southern India, even in Pilgrim times, a few ladies did not cover the upper piece of their body. What's more, all through Indian fashion’s history of contact with diverse societies with Greek, Roman, Arab and Chinese impacts coming in Indian designs and thoughts started to change. In the fifteenth century, we see Muslim and Hindu ladies wearing diverse outfits and the impact of the Mughal realm was definitive, they administered the majority of India and Pakistan in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

We have not seen Indian trend about how to dress, but rather Muslim ladies regularly secured themselves and wore isolated articles of casual clothes. These regular wears brought Indian kameez salwar for all intents and purposes are seen as a national dress in Indian dress cutting patterns.

Indian shalwar kameez, the standard outfit is no more a tedious bit of garments. Today the Indian dress designs patterns have turned into an entrancing mélange of casual style and Churidar pattern. The élan and advancement of Indian shalwar are world celebrated and amazement ladies of all age.

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Indian saree needed more effort compare to un-stitched salwar kameez while wearing it, the saree needs to be draped very properly on waist otherwise it looks awkward and that’s one of the main reason that casual wears Churidar designs and Indian salwar designs are up against saree. Our majority of people are young and it is not like olden days, where every young girl started wearing sari from the age of 14, in current scenario young girl, don’t know how to drape saree and it also takes more time to wear it compare to Churidar dress patterns so not only girls but also women likely to wear salwar these days.

The second reason behind the popularity is, saree cannot cover the stomach area properly where as Indian western fusion dresses cover all part of the body from neck area to knee area.Because in Punjab and Kashmir region the winter season is very cold compared to the other part of India, they have to protect themselves from cold weather so these  Churidar salwar kameez neck design has become routine dress over here, Chudidar dress patterns are designed over here is very popular in all over Asia.

The third and the last reason is our Bollywood celebrities often wear Indian stylish dresses in Hindi movie and that trend soon become viral in Indian girls so our textile industry focus on that and produce large number of stylish salwar kameez designs for Indian market compare to jeans and tops even many of semi stitched dress material also available so that girls can tailor their dresses according to appropriate size.

  • Variants:-

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There are many types of different style’s daily wear clothes for ladies, 

  • Knee length:

These are the most usual casual dresses available in the fashion world in which Indian kameez designs  are long up to knee and it also perfectly sticks to the body to showcase the shape of women and the Churidars pattern is slightly more wide to make it comfortable and the Dupatta is longer than the kameez of the casual suits.

  • Long length:

This is the most popular Indian kameez designs in which basically the kameez is longer than the knee height up to just above fit it is known as long length salwar kameez?.

  • Full length:

In full-length Indian kameez designs in which the top length is up to feet or up to ground it depends upon the designer of the dress and also wider than the other casual salwar kameez to give it flown looks different Churidar salwar kameez designs.

  • Short length:

These types of a casual suit designed with Indian traditional style dhoti type Churidar that narrow towards the bottom and baggy from the top and the kameez is short up to the west.

This style invented in Patiala region of Punjab. It has different kind of shalwar that is designed with many plates or Kalis thus slightly heavy in wearing but looks awesome and again you can wear it with short.

  • Simple kameez with Maharani style Sahi Patiyala shalwar:

This type of salwar has more pleats than normal Patiala shalwar and it is not, as narrow as Patiala but looks trendy and something distinctive in appearance.

These types of Churidar salwar pattern is different like the length is straight for kameez and the pant style is also parallel to the shalwar is quite wide than the traditional salwar designs. 

  • Straight pant style salwar with kameez:

This special design comes with short pant called Capri in which the salwar is slightly shorter than the other salwar in which lady can explore her lovely legs up to the ankle.

  • Trouser style Palazzo Pant:

This style is inspired by formal pant in which, trouser salwar is tailored with pant style fitting, that’s why it looks skinny and amazing.

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