Every fashionable woman must be familiar with knows Indian Patiala style. Salwar (bottom wear) is an Indian word for (pajama). The salwar is the special feature of Patiala suit. Its origin is in Punjab (province of northern India). This type of salwar is very famous for its unique look due to heavy pleats gathered at waistline up till knee. Women adore wearing these for convenience and comfort. The kameez is a long shirt (top). It is a bit short in length, usually till knee. Patiala suit is also known, as a salwar suit or salwar kameez. It is an ideal fit for comfortable wear. Such salwars need a two-fold length of dress material to get sewed.

As you will know more about it, you would fall in love with it. Women tweak this style for the lovely appearance with comfort.

Getting to the depth of the pattern, Patiala salwar suit design envelops creases of material sewed together meeting at the base. The fall of its creases does a reversal, giving the salwar a loose look. Like some other conventional salwar, this salwar likewise has a belt and a long channel for the drawstring at its top. The top part of the set known as kameez is knee-long and completely agreeable to wear out to legitimate fitting.

No one ever felt that a residential area would get renowned by these ladies suits. In the epic times, the lord of Patiala used to wear this outfit for various reasons. Those outfits were icons to recognize royal family’s appearance. It was depicted as creased lose short trousers (salwar) mingled with a long free, full-sleeved tunic (kameez). That is the reason; it emerged as a Patiala Shahi suits (royal).


Designing of Patiala style was for males only. By the time, women adopted this style. Now almost it is popular for women, men have left wearing this style. Now it is must and should garment of females because of it's styling and comfort. Even bollywood celebrities like to wear this style in the movie and at home.


Fabrics play a distinctive role in feel and look of ladies suits. It looks best in materials having their own particular fall like cotton, georgette, crepe, silk, etc. Additionally, designing adorned with various works and weavings styles to suit the event.

From the Desi girl to modern girls of metro cities, each female has adopted it to look customary and stylish. Like others, this dress has its own-chronicled foundation.


In India, the ladies suit means three pieces set which consists of a dupatta, kameez, and salwar. There are different designs and patterns in kameez style. These include different designs of sleeves, neck, and back. The sleeves may be full, half or short. Sleeves pattern varies with the styling of the top. The pattern of sleeve plays an essential role in creating a unique look. The neck also has many variants. The back part of kameez can come with embroidery and lacework. The dupatta (long scarf) is usually decked up with lace. For a unique look, it is also embedded with beads and glaze stones. The salwar is the main feature of Patiala dress. Its pleats create a draping effect. It is an untouched most loved dress of north Indians.


As mentioned above now these suits are no longer just a traditional outfit. Today variation in neck designs has added a perfectly modern and edgy look. By experimenting with length, sleeves and neck style, the look is completely changed. Variation of embroidery patterns and lace work has changed the entire look of the attire. In fact, women today find attractive patterns of Patiala kameez with neck designs. Designers have incorporated lower back & sleeveless styles to the top.

The advanced type of design for sleeves, neck, front and back area profundity and cuts. Patiala style has gone through a lot of changes in style. With time and age, the apparel has undergone a lot of transformation. Thereby the process continues to turn the contemporary attire to a new day fashion statement. Designers experiment with the neck styles, sleeves, and embroidery work.

Indian Patiala salwar kameez designs and pattern has undergone the remarkable change in past few years. Amongst the various styles of salwar kameez, this one is more popular across the globe.

Women are always excited to renew their closet with trendy outfits and accessories. Fashion is one such contestable thing that changes with every season and time. Today, the latest trend of Patiala designs have changed. Patiala dresses patterns, designs & embellishment changes every now and then. This model is popular for its color combination and print patterns. There are many styles of combination in fashion.

Simple and sober single solid color combination of top and bottom. The set comprises contrast colored embroidered kameez paired with lace worked contrast dupatta (also known as a mono combination).


Fashionable Indian women always search for some unique style in their dressing. The jacket (Koti in Hindi/Urdu) is the fourth piece of garment to put on as an overcoat. Jackets are popular for crafted decorations. The work with metallic glazed thread & colorful silk threads, sequence and artificial diamond. Some designers have developed the new style to replace the jacket. Heavy do work at bodice part of kameez like they do on a jacket to create an illusion of jacket.


A various color combination is popular in this segment.


In this style, it may be dark solid color top paired with a light solid color bottom. It may be either contrast or same family color and dupatta matching with bottom’s color. The combination of top and bottom may be vice verse/reverse.


It may be either printed top with the solid colored bottom or printed bottom with a solid colored top. In this style, the color combination may be light & dark or of similar tone. Contrast or same family’s color combination option is also on trend. The combination of top and bottom may be vice verse/reverse too. In any case, dupatta will be matching with bottom’s color.


In this style, the color combination may be either matching, light dark or contrast. Print patterns may be small or big, floral or geometrical. Print patterns may be of monotone, sober or contrast. TIPS: These type of outfits goes well with every type of body shape. Short & bulky women must wear particular option for an illusion of heightening & slim look. They must prefer a dark colored top with the light colored bottom. You can also go for a combination of printed and solid color option. Select dark printed top with small patterns. You can wear a full printed Patiala outfit but you must be choosy with print and colors. Small floral printed top paired with horizontally striped bottom will suit you much.

India is leading country in textile for decades. Industrial centers like Surat, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Calcutta, Delhi are producing international level's products. India is emerging as a hub of ethnic wear in Asia. Indian fashion wear is becoming more and popular around the globe.


Indian fashion stores are well established in online business. Reputed brands and well-known garment producing companies are now leading in online shopping. You may find 100s of newest styles in each category of garments in India. Indian products are well accepted around the globe. You can trust any reputed Indian online store for their products and quality. Although the origin of this outfit style is Punjab. Due to its popularity, the style is one of the most demanded fashion statement. Our Patiala suits are hot in demand from neighboring countries for online shopping from India.

It's it era, everyone searches for latest happening online. Even if they don’t want to buy from an online store, they search to understand latest trends. Now a day Indian online stores are doing well and built their trustworthiness. Even women have left their old habit of “feel the feeling before buying”. Indian online stores have established trust in heart of women around the globe. They feel safe after placing an order from Indian stores because of easy return policies. Demand for Patiala salwar kameez dresses is increasing for online shopping from every country.

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