This section contains traditional, fancy and modern styles tops for every age groups women. Especially young and teenaged like this type of cute and beautiful Tunics Top to wear with Pant type bottom wears. Find your wished style here and celebrate each and every day like festivals.

Pakistani designer kurtis are famous for its styling patterns and different types of designing, we can segregate those styles as below: 

Latest Pakistani kurtis designs:

Ladies outfits haven’t been affected by strict boundaries; the style of women’s wear doesn’t stop by any region, cast and culture. In one word, you can say freedom of fashion and so in India, we enjoy wearing Pakistani designer kurtis with different cuts. When you compare Indian & Pakistani kurta for ladies it looks similar, but one thing that is very different is the western style of clothing is not as accepted as India and Pakistan. Due to this very, the designers try their best to stick to basic Pakistani kurti design, which was originated in Afghan. The Persian style men’s kurta was stitched without a collar in those days and it was long up to knee length and was worn with pajama. And the same size ladies kurta designs were used in Pakistani fashion. In today’s, fashion the size of Pakistani kurtis designs are still up to knee length or floral length designer Pakistani kurtis that have been embossed with their traditional work.

Pakistani Embroidered Kurtis  & Ladies kurta designs

Pakistani embroidery work is inspired by their neighboring countries like Afghanistan, China and also by some of the Indian Territory like Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Kashmir.

  • Stylish Pakistani kurtis with Kashmiri work:

Basically, in this type of kurtis, the work is done in which one simple stitch is overlapped by other stitches over each other one by one. It was applied basically on Kashmiri shawl but nowadays it is applied in Pakistani kurtis patterns. This type of Pakistani style kurti is very popular In Indian girls as well

  • Pakistani kurtis pattern:

The hind word Phul means flower and the design name is given because of its small flower pattern. The Pakistani kurta designs having such embroidery work called Phulkari kurtis. If the whole kurti is designed with this style than it is called Phulkari bag and in English Bag means Garden so basically it means flower garden. This style of designer long kurtis is very expensive and that’s why sometimes it is only applied on the border of kurti in Pakistani fashion

  • Sindhi embroidered Pakistani kurti style:

Uniformly attached glass in raw with a different type of stitches called Sindhi embroidery work. Mostly used on the bottom of any dress or In the middle of latest Pakistani kurtis 2016, this type of embroidery work was originated by Sindhi women and now known globally as Sindhi embroidery and border work.

  • Shisha work new designer kurtis Pakistani:

Baluchi women of Pakistan and other tribal groups specially fashioned this embroidery pattern on kurti designs in Pakistani fashion.

  • Ari pattern on Pakistani kurta for ladies:

Kurtis Pakistani designers use aari embroidery work for a curvy floral pattern and that’s why whenever you see any complex pattern of embroidery with flower straight away you would recognize that this is aari work. This Pakistani style kurti with aari work is famous in Islamabad.

  • Tarkashi embroidery of Pakistani designer kurtis:

This famous embroidery work is done with same color string and once completed looks awesome on any fabric. The Pakistani kurtis designs are very costly nowadays because of its complicated Tarkashi work.

  • Pakistani kurtis patterns with Shadow work:

This type of embroidery work is done on both side of the fabric and that’s why the name is given as Shadow work. In Indian fashion of women’s apparel, this work is used on the sari, salwar kameez and also on Lehenga Choli. This type of Pakistani kurti 2016 is very famous in India

  • Karachi pattern Kurti:

Karachi kurti style is not only known for its design but also known by its straight cut pattern. Karachi kurtis design is in high demand in all over the Asian countries like India Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

Most Popular Georgette kurtis / Chiffon Kurtis Pakistani designers style:

Pakistan’s famous chiffon fabric is different than Indian chiffon and the shine of the fabric lasts long, which is why many Indian women opt to choose Pakistani embroidered kurtis weaved using chiffon

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