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Let us start with the whole chain. The Chain of Manufacturing to distributing/selling of textile products. material, semi stitched & ready-made (ready to wear) stuff products.

To get the full idea of the topic we should also know few facts and figures. We must Know locations by specialty of products.

Indian textile industries are spread all around the country from east to west and north to south. The Major sectors are Gujarat, Maharashtra, Daman, And Silvas. Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Utter Pradesh states are also producing few products. The Northern States like Punjab & Haryana also produce some special products. The Southern part Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh. Bihar Odessa And Even In Jammu & Kashmir States are also Producing Some Products. Textile sector is the lifeline industry of India after agriculture.

Textile sector has the share of around 11% to industrial production. It has a 14% stake in Indian manufacturing. It contributes 4% to GDP & earning major foreign revenues for the country, around 12% of total exports. Generating employment to around 35 million labors has secured 2nd rank after agriculture. 55 million people are involved in textile activities. Textile Sector plays the vital role to strengthen Indian economy too. By fulfilling requirements of textile products import bills has reduced.

The entire chain of manufacturing & distribution of textile products is as below:

  • Manufacturing chain from raw material to the manufacturer:

Spinning and Texturizing -> weaving/knitting -> bleaching, dying and printing.

  • Distributing and selling chain from manufacture to actual user:

Manufacturer --> wholesaler --> traders/distributors/agents --> semi-wholesaler --> retailer --> actual buyer/consumer

(Many small intermediate processes and mediators are not considered in both chains)

Production by organized sector is decreasing and decentralized sectors are increasing.

We can consider Weaving and knitting industries as a heart of the manufacturing chain. Those Sectors are almost small-scale and decentralized. Due to Governments Policies, the market for textile & apparel has crossed 100 billion $.
Now let us come to the point of various verities of raw materials to produce textile products. There are two types of raw materials consumed to produce various products.

  • Natural yarn:

We can categories natural raw material as below:

Cotton, Viscose yarn (wood pulp), Silk (Insects protein) are well known Natural Yarns

Bamboo yarn (Bamboo pulp), Bane yarn (banana pulp), flax fiber, wool & jute etc. are less popular yarns.

  • Mane made yarns (the raw material of fabric):

Various type of nylon yarns is produced from caprolactam (capric acid).
Acrylic fiber is the product of vinyl acetate.
Polyester & cationic yarns are made from petroleum product (ethylene alcohol).

There are many pre and post process to produce the synthetic product (man-made yarn). Those Processes gives various effects, looks and feels for comfort. This process is called spinning and Texturizing process.

You will be surprised and feel proud of our nation with facts and figures as mentioned below:

  • India is the largest producer and of the jute goods.
  • 2nd largest in silk, cotton and cellulosic production, fourth in man-made fibers.
  • 6th clean wool producer.


This is again as simple as any other business. When a retailer buys a product he is well aware of the brand and quality of the brand. Producer of Branded Products also cares for quality because they know the value of the brand name.


The catalog has helped to control piracy in the fashion industry. This is the best way because in past copy of designs from the original was very easy. In today’s fashion world, this task in India is next to impossible. Hence, the pirating of designs is completely out of the equation In Indian market.


in bulk. They Buy Limited pieces of various products instead of buying in bulk. They have come out of worry for dead stock, which was kurtiBulk buyers can buy a wide range of products after the introduction of Catalog style. They don't need to buy Dresses, sari blouse, and the main headache for them.


Now the entire collections are open up for small buyers as well as for the big buyers. In previous time retailers were unable to see the fresh Launched collections immediately. Now Any manufacturer has to promote the entire products to stay in Market. Due to E-wholesaling, all manufacturers can display a full range of products to retailers.


To stay on the top with the latest fashion trend, all the manufacturers produce the best products as per demand. So, retailers get new styles to fulfill their customer at competitive price rate.


Retailers cannot get the better way than this because this hassle-free Internet buying has made things very easy for them. They need to operate the cell phone or laptop from their location and order catalogs for the stores.

Future of E-wares in the Upcoming year:

As we, all know that communities of India, Pakistan & Bangladesh are staying in every corner of the world. Some of them have opened the traditional clothes stores in many countries. Because of all the females from subcontinent like wearing ethnic dresses on different occasion. Before it was hard for them to buy the latest ethnic outfit for various reason but now they can place an order online. DesignersAndYou promises to deliver Indian dresses to all small and big cities’ retailers. Countries like United-Kingdom, United state, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Much more.

The benefit to common people In India and abroad:

Common people can now buy any product at a very best rate for online shopping as well as from the physical store. Now Ladies get the opportunity to wear Latest Designer Clothes at anywhere in India & across the world.
Availability and Demand:

You may find Latest Catalogs of new fashion design with different styles of outfits as below:

Above mentioned all collections comes with back, neck, collar, & sleeves pattern.

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