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In Today's Indian fashion, the most number of females is wearing Kurti Top. It is convenient for everyday life and also on the special function with various bottoms. This top is also recognized as a daughter of Kurta. Kurta is a similar kind of outfit that was donned by both man and woman in the Northern part of India. As we know, that fashion runs in the same way as our clock runs. The same way the old style of kurta came with the new style as kurti in today's mod by our Indian designers. Popular Street fashion Kurtis varieties by the different type of fabrics.

Because of the immense demand in the Indian market, these tops are made using almost all type of fabric. It fulfills Indian women's daily needs because it is easy to wear and ready to go type. Pull over Tunics is available in countless style and cuts. It is vital to understand different fabrics, which are the raw material of this kurti-tunic.

There are so many conventional-looms are still existing in India. This local clothing style is also produced using those woven fabrics.


There are many kinds of cotton fabrics. Indian temperature is usually quite high in the daytime in almost every part of the country. Cotton is the first choice and also on the top of the table in the making of Kurtis. These cotton Tops are available in wholesale for business. You can inquire about these tops by getting registration and you will get regular update.


The special type of cotton threads makes knitted fabric with the help of knitting machines. Due to the tuff fight between western tops and Indian-Kurtis, this stretchable fabric entered the market. You can always stay ahead than Jersey because many Indian working women and college going girl like wearing it. DesignersAndYou welcomes all Indian and Non-Indian wholesalers to buy this collection at bulk-prize. 


This is a special kind of fabric that is very lightweight and comfy cotton. This fabric is very popular in the design of ladies shirt type kurti to especially wear at functions. Once any retailer goes through our widest range of these ladies shirts, it’s hard to leave this section without placing an order.


This type of machine-made and natural silks is very hard to categorize. We mention full details in our catalogs description that will make things easy in choosing the right type of silk Kurtis latest catalogs.


These two fabrics are best to apply various printing designs. Today's street fashion one can see thousands style of such printed-tunics. Now the bulk-buyers who are only dealing in ladies-tops can order these special styles to us.


The special kind of tops made using extra-lightweight cotton. Indian traditional style Kurtis style fusion with western style top is the newest addition. We are very sure that these ultra-modern designs are available only at at wholesale price.


This special waving pattern is very popular in long and short tops. To cover the high demand we have equipped this section with so many catalogs. We deliver it to any retailer in any corner of the world in quick time session.


In Indian cold areas like Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab even In Nepal, these velvet-tops are very famous to wear in the winter season. You may find velvet-Kurtis throughout the year.


In Indo western Tops or any other fusion ladies shirts, come in Denim fabric. Popular designers western denim shirts are always in demand.


These types of nice mix match combinations are Hi-low Kurtis. Trendy women's demand, smart bulk buyers can update the stocks to meet their Trendy women's (Clients) demand. We provide opportunities to buy this special style at a very competitive price than any other wholesale suppliers.


Due to the shiny surface and uneven inner surface, this fabric is the first choice among all the Indian designers. Uncommon cutting and draping style is possible in this fabric. Nowadays, even kaftan maxi dresses in the UK come in this fabric.


Crape is a type of georgette silk and this fabric is the raw material of short-Kurtis design.

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